The Andy Warhol Museum

Whether you are a Warhol fan or not, this museum is packed with interesting art.  The museum contains both the famous pieces (the Campbell soup cans, chairman Mao, the car crashes, Jackie Kennedy, etc) as well as lesser-known pieces (like his screen painting of the famous Last Supper painting) and a variety of installations.  You can see the films, and visit the library. Also visit the cloud room (floating silver pillows bouncing about the room). 
The entrance fee is about $15 for adults.  You can create art projects which are inexpensive: make yourself a cute silkscreened handbag for $5. Overall great value for a museum with this much art and space.

This is a one-of-a-kind museum that truly leads each new visitor through the creativity, talent and diversity of one of the most fascinating artists of our time.

The museum hosts private parties.

Andy Warhol was a most talented man. This museum reflects that talent.  It is also one of the largest museums dedicated to a single artist anywhere in the world.

Located in Pittsburgh.
117 Sandusky Street
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
The Warhol Museum website.